Tips to help a tired Mommy Relax

As a mother, I know that you wake up every morning and wish there were more hours for sleep. Because every day you find yourself pushing beyond limits that you never even expected; from mothering, cooking, cleaning, working, having to deal with your kids that are mostly fighting or quarreling or even arguing on whose turn it is to play that game in the computer or the console. You end up wondering if you will ever get a chance to relax and be just you without the mother part of you.

You have now realized that being a mum sometimes means that you must get exhausted and lonely. But at the same time you have to stop wondering if all that you do makes a difference in the world because it really make a big difference to so many lives. As I write this article I will guide you through some tricks that you can always use to relax whenever being a mommy is so exhausting.

1. Get to watch that TV series or movies regardless of your schedule

I am serious on this. Each and every mommy has their favorite TV shows that they feel at peace to watch. Do you know why it is your favorite? Because it makes you relax from the normal routine as you enjoy the events in every episode. If the time for the Show to air is due, please leave whatever it is you are doing if it’s not an emergency and watch it then later you can finish up the chores.

2. Ensure you have a room clock for the older children

After all a clock is not that costly to afford it for your older kids’ bedroom(s) whether its old fashioned or fashionable. Teach them to read the time such that they cannot come out of their room or even wake up before the time for being there is up. For instance; if the kid(s) are not grown up enough to interpret what the clock is reading, teach them something like, “please never mover out of your bedroom until this little hand of the clock touches 7”. By this you will program them to wake up at least by seven every morning which will spare you to do other chores peacefully.

3. You must be creative when handling the kids

Most of the times during weekends, it’s your time to relax but you find out handling the kind being the main weekend routine which ends up being completely exhausted. For instance you can wake up in the morning just before the kids wake up, get some biscuits properly wrapped and drop them almost everywhere in the sitting room. You can also add it up with switching on the TV and tuning a cartoon channel. Now simply tell the kids they should not wake you up before they have collected and eaten every biscuit in the sitting room. This will keep them so “busy” such that they will give you enough time to rest if at all they don’t misbehave. Depending on your kids interests you can come up with such an idea.

4. At times don’t clean

On a serious note, sometimes don’t clean up. Studies reveal that when you are cleaning you put so much concentration in it such that you end up being exhausted both mentally and physically. Talk to your husband to help you on the same or do it when you are most relaxed or at times when you have enough spare cash you can hire a professional to do it for you.

5. Let daddy handle the older children

Always when he is home, don’t let the order kids bother you so much. Let him handle them while he teaches them ‘daddy’s tricks to his kids’ while you relax or doing some other simple tasks around the house. Definitely he can be in a position to get the kids to brush their teeth, get in their pajamas and tell them bedtime stories without this having to give him so much trouble. If you have a newborn this can be the best time to nurse it without the other grownups disturbing you.

6. Realize that this stage will pass, it’s not permanent!

The mothering stage is usually the most tasking and exhausting. Once the kids are all grownup and in colleges or working, you will get the spare time even to sleep till 7am or 8am. But please note that since this is a new routine you have adapted, it might not even be possible to sleep a whole 8hours consistently in a night again. It’s true, look at it this way; now and then someone gets sick, the kids are teenagers and you have to keep wondering if they will be home tonight, sometimes you even get nightmares and so on.

My last advice on you as a mother is to truly believe that this stage is temporary. Hang in there! Make sure you exercise a lot, laugh any time there is humor, get times to take a nature walk. Plus don’t get pregnant too often, that’s helps a lot!

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