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Organization for children’s closets

Back-to-school season is the perfect excuse to organize your child’s closet. Children’s closets present an ongoing challenge, and the younger the child, the greater the challenge. Children are constantly growing, so it doesn’t take long for them to outgrow clothing. Sometimes, particularly with preschool-aged children, items of clothing only get worn a couple of times before they no longer fit. At any given time, your child’s closet may have clothing in it that is out-of-season and which may or may not currently fit.

Back-to-school season is the ideal time of year for a kid’s closet overhaul. Many parents of preschool and school-aged children choose to do the bulk of their children’s clothing shopping for the school year in August. Retailers offer great deals in August, plus the current year’s summer clothing is on clearance, so there are lots of deals to be had on everything from flip-flops to winter coats. Of course, with all that new stuff, some adjustments will have to be made to the inventory already at home to accommodate. Scheduling the task of organization for children’s closets at this time of year means being able to focus on other things in your home during the already busy spring-cleaning season or the hectic holidays.

The List: Organization for children’s closets

1) Spend time going through your child’s closet, item by item, and getting rid of clothing your child no longer wears. It’s amazing the number of clothing items a child can outgrow in a year. Removing all of these will help make room for new wardrobe items. This task might involve making your child try on certain things to determine whether they fit or not. He or she will probably hate it, but if you set aside those questionable items in a pile and get your child to try everything on at once, at least you’ll get it over and done with in an efficient manner.

2) Organize wearable clothing by season. Mixing summer and winter clothing together in your child’s closet only makes it harder to find things quickly. If you have plenty of room to keep clothes for every season in the same closet, at least separate them using hanging dividers. Another option is to hang items for the current season and box up items for the upcoming seasons and store them somewhere else in the closet, like the topmost shelf. Again, make sure you clearly label them according to their contents, so you don’t forget about them. When the season changes, simply rotate everything.

3) Get your child involved in the organization for children’s closets process. Sure, they have a limited attention span. However, even children as young as three can have some input into how the closet is organized. Ask for their opinions and enlist their help (in as much as they are capable of). Allowing them to be a part of the process gives them ownership in the system. Having a sense of ownership will, hopefully, make long-term compliance easier.

4) Create a system that works. If the previous tips don’t quite work for you, adjust them. Create a customized system that meets the needs of your child, family and available space. Trying to work within an awkward system of organization will only result in frustration. You’re more likely to achieve long term organization with a tailored system made by you, for you.

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