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Top 5 child friendly board games

It’s that time of the year again when most moms are confused on the best gift to buy their little ones. Choosing the right gift for your kids is more daunting than ever as today’s kids get bored fast within few weeks of using the toy or gadget or whatever game you have bought them. However, what most parents fail to realize is that kids enjoy spending uninterrupted quality time together with their parents, hence the best way to do so is to buy a child-friendly board game which you can all play together. The following post compiles child-friendly board games that you should consider buying this festive season that guarantees nothing less than indoor fun during this winter season.

Top 5 child-friendly board games

Ready? Let’s dive in…


Charades for kids is the ultimate family board game for game nights. The game is suitable for ages 5 and up and comes with an estimated 200 charade cards that have over 400 charades on them. The game comes with the classical sand timer and a set of rules. The board game is composed of six different thematic setting that includes; animal party, Hollywood, time capsule, kids, picture charades, and time capsule that are suitable for the entire family. The game is available on Amazon for only $18.95.

Treasure Trove

And if treasure hunting sounds like an interesting thing to do with your kids, then treasure trove is worth the bucks. The game is suitable for kids from ages 7 and up and usually takes between 20- 40 minutes of playing depending on the number of players. Just like monopoly, the game is entirely based on chance and luck but also involves coming up with strategies. Another interesting bit about this particular board game is that every player, whether first time or regular, has a chance of winning, the game will also go a long way in enhancing your kid’s cognitive skills.

Snakes and ladder

Though snakes and ladder is an ancient Indian game, the game is still regarded today as a world classic. Your kids will have fun competing against each other as they roll the dice to move up to the top square while navigating through the hindrances and help of the snakes and ladders respectively. Not only are kids guaranteed of hours of fun but it also improves their arithmetic skill through recognition and counting from 1 to 100.


And if you are searching for a board game that will bring oodles laughter to your home then HedBanz is what you should buy. HedBanz is basically played by strapping a card on the head which contains the name of the animal or thing your kid is supposed to be. Their goal is to be able to guess what they are before time elapses through clues and questions to avoid possible elimination. HedBanz is a classic game of what Am I? but with a twist of fun.


Jax’s sequence for kids is also an impressive kid’s board game that boasts of a full 5-star rating on Amazon. The game is super easy as it only involves placing chips and cards on the board base in a row of 4 which creates a sequence that wins the game. The board game is ideal for kids above age four and can be played by up to 4 kids

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