Things that every new mom should be aware of

Are you totally confused? Do you ask questions about appearance of your body or how to take care of your new family member? Welcome to the club! We will reveal you 14 facts you should know…

  1. The birth went well and everyone is happy, but…Why do you still have a baby bump? Don’t panic! Your uterus is still enlarged and will need about 6 months to regain it’s natural size.
  2. Were you planning to go out for a walk? Then you should start dressing at least half an hour earlier than usual. Why? Well, babies tend to poop or vomit as soon as you open the door of your apartment.
  3. It is simply impossible to hold the umbrella opened and push the baby’s strollers. You will discover it yourself when you go for a walk with your baby and rain begins to pelt. It is unpleasant situation even you are away from home just 10 minutes walk. Solution? You should buy a waterproof hat or cap, and jacket, so you can forget about umbrella.
  4. Did you expect your baby will have the softest skin in the world, but it’s face is covered with tiny white ”lumps”? Don’t worry, those lumps are due to blockage of the sebaceous glands on the face that are still undeveloped.
  5. You sweat more than ever and feel aggravated. It seems uncomfortable, but it’s a sign that your body releases excess fluid that has accumulated during pregnancy.
  6. You will discover how cold the nights are.Drawing out of bed at 3 a.m. is not fun at all.
  7. You will suddenly develop a phobia of stairs-what if you slip and fall with the child in your arms? Some mothers avoid stairs wherever and whenever they can. However, there’s no need for such radical measures. It’s enough that you’re confident in yourself and your stability.
  8. Do you have a bad day? It’s not something unusual. If you are anxious or depressed, get out of the house and find the company. Go for a walk, have coffee with a friend or do the shopping.
  9. At the beginning you’ll feel panic and helplessness when you find yourself alone with the baby. To maintain common sense and connection with reality, meet a friend or relative at least once a day.
  10. Everyday wearing sanitary pads will become quite normal to you. It will be necessary for about 6 weeks, until it stops the percolation of blood, secretions or uterine tissue.
  11. Be realistic when it comes to return to the old look. Celebs may be able to wear old clothes 8 hours after birth, but in the real world it takes 9 months to get the body back in old shape and appearance.
  12. Reduce your to-do list. The days when you could do the several chores in an hour are gone. Don’t be more strict with yourself because you can’t do your obligations as quickly as before. the fact that you take care of a baby is a huge success.
  13. Your baby still can’t do much, but can see you. During breastfeeding, the baby has a perfect view of your face. Watch, smile and talk to your baby. Baby’s brain receives information, processes it and responds to you.For a few weeks, you will receive the highest award-the baby’s first smile.
  14. In the end, the advice of experts: Of course, your baby is the most important in the world, but self-care is also a priority – not to sacrifice. You need to put yourself on the first place, you and your partner on the second and on the third you and your baby. All the others are on the bottom of the list. Although, this list seems selfish to you, you should know that it is necessary for you to be happy so your baby can be happy too.

The first few months of parenthood will be chaotic and exhausting but unforgettable. Enjoy a new life!

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