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5 Child Friendly movies that you should watch

Being selective while watching movies with kids isn’t something new, as a responsible parent or guardian, we want kids to watch movies which are fun filled and a little informative as well. The foolproof lineup of movies below promise not only entertainment for the kids but also for the entire family. A few classics and modern movies have done a really great job of making movies that would keep both the kids and the parents entertained. Here are a few all-time favorite child-friendly movies that are worth watching are –

1. The Land Before Time

This classic movie is about baby dinosaurs and about their friendship and cooperation with each other. This story has a wonderful message along with a slight suspense which makes the entire movie interesting to watch. This story is about a young dinosaur Littlefoot and how he makes his way to the Great valley in order to survive a plague. On his way, he makes friends and takes you on a nice little adventure.

2. Home Alone

The Home Alone franchise has been entertaining us since 1991. It is an interesting adventure comedy which can be watched by the entire family and you would never get tired of watching the series. All the movies of this franchise have been interesting and extremely entertaining with twisted ways in which the child tries to run away from the goons. This is one of the best entertaining movies of all time which you can watch with kids.

3. How to Train Your Dragon

This 2010 release movie is about a Viking boy named Hiccup who constantly falls in trouble. He aspires to hunt dragons who constantly attack the village but ends up befriending one of the most beautiful dragons. His friendship with this Dragon is heartwarming and the story is interesting filled with adventure and suspense.This animated movie is all about the friendship between Hiccup and his Dragon friend named Toothless and how they save their village from constant attacks.

4. Tangled

Another beautiful movie which was released in the year 2010 was tangled. It was an amazing movie about a princess who stays in a room and is curious about the world outside. Kept captive of her own mother, she escapes the room and is fascinated by the world outside and meets new people. Her long and beautiful hair resembles that of Classic Rapunzel. This Disney movie has beautiful animation and is a must watch.

5. Harry Potter Series

This movie series is a suspense filled series where the author J.K Rowling takes you into her imagination. It will take you into the world of muggles, wizards, and mystical happenings.The friendship between the three friends is amazing and the way they try to solve every mystery that comes their way keeps the suspense in the movie. The entire Harry potter series is interesting and it has been entertaining ever kids ever since 2001.

6. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

This movie is a science fiction comedy and is a story about a boy named Flint who aspires to be a scientist. He wanted to provide his village food apart from the usual sardines and ends up making a machine which would make burgers and other food items using basic raw materials. However, he does succeed in providing his village with alternative food items but a problem in the machine creates chaos to the weather of the village! Will he be able to get everything back to normal?
These are a few movies that you can watch with you kids these holidays. They are filled with suspense, comedy and have a great storyline.

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